…Also known in the military as Final Operational Capability. Also known in the military as “something that might never happen.” I learned this term in a class last week in reference to the infamous NMCI.

I’m not sure where I was going with that; I guess I am exasperated for my current position. I am a Sergeant, – sometimes better known as an E-5 on an E-9 scale – and I am really no more powerful than I was as E-4 or E-3 or possibly even E-2. I have unfortunately become one of the military’s paper pushers, where I should be a network administrator.

As one of my friends said last week, I should be everyones’ best friend, because I understand their computer in and out. I know what a cookie is versus a virus and that both can come from just about anything these days. Worse yet, I have an inquisitive mind that can get to the root of almost any computer related situation. But for the last 3+ years, I’ve been downgraded to the guy who asks another guy (who asks another guy) to create your e-mail account.

I also reminisce about how the military used to be, when it was an “blue collar, gung-ho” (-Wyl) proud living. Being in the military was rugged and the public had a certain respect for your sacrifice. The hottest suit in the room was a set of Dress Blues.

As I’ve seen – since I’ve been here – though, we may never reach Final Operation Capability. I’ve learned that many times the things we overcome are ourselves: our lack of supplies, manpower, political power, and even simple intelligence. I enjoy learning something new, learning a skill, making one’s living worthwhile.

I am proud to have served my country. I am proud of my service. I am proud to be an American. But I cannot be proud of “running in place” – expending energy for relatively little achievement.

A definition of success that many may be familiar with closes “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” And so do I, in search of the world’s challenges.

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  1. Wyl Says:

    I’m going to start referring people to this post when they ask my why I’m leaving the Corps.

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